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General Medical Services


Treatment of wound and injery, small surgery

Digestive Medicine

Treatment of gastroenteric tracts, liver and hemorrhoids. Transnasal endoscopy available.Colonofiberscopy is also available for colorectum examination.
Hemorrhoid injection sclerotherapy is available.

Internal Medicine

Common cold, alergies, hypertension, heart diseases, diabetes and others.
Stop-smoking therapy is available within health insurance.


Treatment of sprain, dislocation, bone fracture, pain in the hip and the knee.
Traction therapy is available for chronic hip pain, numbness in the legs and the arms.


Day Surgeries

Hemorrhoid Ligatue

Fastening root of the hemorrhoids with special small rubber rings.
No pain, short time.


House Call & Visit Care

House Call

Going to a hospital is something to call at a home in a difficult way and do a medical examination and treatment and is a visit only on the day from which your request was received basically by the condition.

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