Started house call and visit care.

House Call

Available for: *General Medicine
*Treatment of Simple Injury
*Acute Back Pain

Visit Care

Available Services:
 *General Check                *Gastrostoma Exchange
*Drug Prescription *Tracheal Cannula Exchange
*Blood Test *Urethra Catherter Exchange
*Bedsores Treatment *Injection and Drip Infusion

Service Area & Time

 *Service Area
Konan-ku: Konandai 1 - 9, Hino-Minami 1 - 3, Hino-Chuo 1 - 3 Isogo-ku: Yokodai 1 - 6, Minemachi Sakae-ku: Kamigocho, Wakatakecho, Motoohashi *Service Time Monday - Saturday (except for Wednesday) 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.


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